Our Initiatives

LinkUp 2017

Date: Thursday, November 23
Location: Coast Hotel Conference Centre, Kamloops, B.C.

LinkUp is one of the largest business to government and business to support-focused community organization events in the region and offers a unique opportunity for businesses interested in taking advantage of programs and incentives from local, provincial and federal government agencies and business organizations to learn about a variety of opportunities under one roof in one day. Speakers deliver a unique blend of information, business support & development strategies, and tactical ideas you can link up with.

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Labour Attraction Partnership

The purpose of the Labour Attraction Partnership Project is to provide strategies that employers can use to address challenges with hiring and keeping employees. The project includes five sector specific employee recruitment and retention strategies and a large resource document that has more detailed strategies and best practices that employers can implement.

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VK Inside Track

Venture Kamloops is pleased to offer Kamloops real estate market orientations to developers who are interested in capitalizing on the opportunity in our growing City. Over the next ten years Kamloops will become just the third city in BC outside of the lower mainland to exceed 100,000 residents, we can help you get on the inside track of development in Kamloops.

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VK Start Here

Starting a business or growing a business can be hard enough. Let us help you with the tools, resources and support to get you on the right path to make things a little easier. Please select an option to get started.

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