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The VK Accelerate program is intended to find creative entrepreneurs with unique products or services who are ready for their first bricks and mortar space.

Within the first six months of start-up, entrepreneurs qualifying for this unique program will have the opportunity to work with program mentors such as a business coach, an interior designer, a marketing agency and a realtor.

Our program mentors work closely with participants to help them build the skills and knowledge required to accelerate their business to be profitable position as soon as possible.

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Far & Wide
Program Participant

Calli Duncan and Brianne Sheppard, owners of Far & Wide, officially opened shop on June 23rd, 2018 and haven’t looked back. As the first VK Accelerate program candidates, Far & Wide has become a major player in the retail industry in Kamloops, and will surely continue to see incremental success going forward.

VK Accelerate helped us realistically evaluate our business plans and create a strong foundation to build from - flushing out ideas with industry professionals was invaluable to our start-up success!
- Calli Duncan & Brianne Sheppard

Fern & Frond
Program Participant

Chelsea, owner of Fern & Frond, came to VK after relocating to Kamloops, where she learned about matching her unique products and services to the needs and desires of her specific target market. Today, Fern & Frond floral studio offers graceful seasonal floral arrangements for every day, gift giving, special occasions, weddings centerpieces and bouquets that are breathtaking.

Muraca Notary Public
Program Participant

After a successful twenty-five-year career as a secondary French and English teacher, Franca embarked on a brand-new career as a notary public. She came to VK for quick access to financing, coaching, industry experts to assist with finding and leasing a suitable office space, interior design expertise, branding and marketing expertise, and on-going mentorship and advise.

The VK Accelerate program doesn’t create entrepreneurs, but it empowers them to have the greatest opportunity at success.
- Franca Muraca

RC Nation
Program Participant

Lenn Korobanik, owner of RC Nation has created a local hobby and remote-controlled shop that offers retail sales, parts and service, online shopping, and an experiential indoor racetrack rental. RC Nation adds to the Kamloops Community, a safe space to enjoy racing RC’s and a full-service retail shop to purchase additional parts and repairs so that the whole family can enjoy the sport!

Support from Venture Kamloops and the VK Accelerate program’s stable of experts was integral in launching RC Nation during a global pandemic. They want to help you too, just ask!
- Lenn Korobanik

Brynn's Bakery
Program Participant

Brynn Hill started out as a teenager who was obsessed with the Food Network and set a 10-year goal to own her own bakery. After two successful seasons at the Kamloops regional Farmer’s Market with her business partner, Christian Andrew, and 10 years of training in the culinary field, they came to VK Accelerate program for assistance in expanding into their first storefront.

The VK program is highly recommended by Brynn's Bakery. We were able to come up with realistic goals and timelines while getting professional opinions and advice on major content in our business plan.
- Brynn Hill

Cassidy Watt Artistry Collective
Program Participant

After working as a manager for MAC Cosmetics, Cassidy Watt decided to make the transition into owning and operating her own makeup artistry business. Over the past 4 years, she has been one of the biggest names in local weddings. With eyes on expansion, Cassidy connected with the VK to seek out advice and guidance from a wide range of professionals.

Studio Micah
Program Participant

Chrystina Herron of Studio Micah has been a hair stylist since she was 17 years old. Having her own hair salon has aways been her long game goal. Studio Micah salon offers a modern contemporary vibe with a creative flair and a viewing experience of artwork while being pampered. Studio Micah is excited to be a part of the business community on the North shore of Kamloops.

Program Requirements
Are You Prepared to:

  • Expand your new, homebased or online business to its first storefront location?
  • Complete a comprehensive business plan through Venture Kamloops or one of our community partners? (Community Futures, BDC, Futurpreneur or The Women’s Enterprise, All Nations Trust, Kamloops Innovation, TRU Generator.)
  • Obtain approval for financing or prove you can self finance the venture.
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The number of people employed in Kamloops is estimated at nearly 49,000 and is projected to increase to nearly 51,000 by 2022.