Kamloops in the global marketplace

International Business Development and Business Immigration

Kamloops continues to build upon its reputations in the global marketplace, and those companies wanting to take that first step into doing business internationally, need a road map to assist them with that successful transition.

Venture Kamloops can assist with:

  • International Business Information – export and foreign direct investment
  • Skilled Worker and Business Immigration (Provincial Nominee Program)
  • Immigration Programs and Resources
  • Economic Indicators and Statistics

Venture Kamloops is helping Canadian businesses tap into the world’s fastest growing economies. Are you a Canadian company looking internationally for inputs are capable of providing consumers with luxury items that are made-in-Kamloops? You are in a good position to deal directly with companies around the world, and Venture Kamloops can assist.

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The helpful information and links below are provided to assist you in researching information on exporting your goods and services. If you require additional assistance, please contact Venture Kamloops.

Export Development Canada

As Canada’s export credit agency, EDC’s job is to support and develop Canada’s export trade by helping Canadian companies respond to international business opportunities. They are a self-financing Crown corporation that operates at arm’s length from the Government. They provide insurance and financial services, bonding products and small business solutions to Canadian exporters, investors and international buyers. Much of their business is done in partnership with other financial institutions and through collaboration with the government of Canada. More Information

Canadian Commercial Corporation

Established in 1946, the Canadian Commercial Corporation (CCC) is a federal Crown corporation mandated to facilitate international trade on behalf of Canadian industry, particularly within government markets. The Corporation’s business lines are structured to support Canadian companies contracting in a variety of industries and sectors. More Information

Forum for International Trade Training

FITT is the only organization in Canada to accredit a professional designation to international trade practitioners, the C.I.T.P. (Certified International Trade Professional). More Information


The helpful information and links below are provided to assist you in researching information on importing goods and services for your product/business. If you require additional assistance, please contact Venture Kamloops.

Foreign Direct Investment

Find data on Canadian direct investment abroad and foreign direct investment to Canada by country and sector. More Information

Invest in BC

With comprehensive economic profiles on every community in B.C., a powerful opportunity database and the latest facts on the B.C. Jobs Plan sectors helping match international investors with B.C. communities and market opportunities. More Information

Commercial Driver Registration Program (CDRP)

A program designed to streamline the customs clearance process at the Canadian border. More Information

Customs Self-Assessment CSA Program

A Canadian program for low-risk importers and carriers that includes a streamlined clearance, accounting and payment process for goods imported into Canada. More Information

OGD Interface

A joint initiative between the CBSA and other government departments (OGD) that use a common electronic interface to transmit commercial import data. More Information

Partners in Compliance

A pilot initiative that provides an opportunity for approved CSA importers to voluntarily demonstrate to the CBSA that their business systems, internal controls and self-testing processes are effective and reliable at ensuring trade program compliance. More Information

Business Immigration

The helpful information and links below are provided to assist you in researching information on Business Immigration into Canada. If you require additional assistance, please contact Venture Kamloops.

Investors, entrepreneurs and self-employed people: For people who want to start a business in Canada.

Labour Market Information

Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) - An employer who wants to hire a foreign worker must first apply to HRSDC/Service Canada for a Labour Market Impact Assessement (LMIA) . This opinion assesses what impact the worker would have on Canada’s labour market or, in other words, how the offer of employment would affect Canadian jobs. Once a positive LMIAis issued, the foreign worker must be assessed by CIC; and a work permit must be issued before the worker is allowed to work and reside in Canada. More Information

Entrepreneur Immigration (Provincial Nominee Program (PNP))

If you are an entrepreneur who is ready to invest in and actively manage a business in the Province, you may be eligible for the BC Provincial Nominee Program’s (BC PNP) Entrepreneur Immigration stream. This stream provides a pathway to permanent residence for experienced businesspeople who can establish themselves in B.C. and invest in and operate a commercially viable business that can provide significant economic benefits to the Province. More Information

Economic Indicators and Statistics

Venture Kamloops aims to provide statistics, economic indicators and market information to assist prospective companies wanting to import into Kamloops and local companies wanting to export internationally.

Canadian International Merchandise Trade Statistics

View an online database that offers detailed export and import trade data based on the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System (HS) (at the 6-digit commodity level). The database is updated monthly and available on release day so customized data reports can be generated directly on screen for a quick review, or save reports as spreadsheets in comma-separated value (CSV) format for further manipulation. More Information

Trade and Economic Analysis Statistical Reports

The Office of the Chief Economist reports and advises on international trade and economic issues, including global, regional and sectorial trends and developments; additionally, they undertake trade and economic research and analysis in support of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada’s various functions: trade and investment policy, including negotiation of international agreements; international business development; and trade litigation. More Information

Kamloops Demographics

Find current information on Kamloops and region demographics. More Information

Immigration Programs and Resources

There are a number of programs available to B.C. employers to assist them meet their labour needs through the hiring of foreign workers. Below are some valuable information links for you to explore if you are a local employer looking at expanding your labour options.

Federal Temporary Foreign Worker Program

Hiring a foreign worker may temporarily help you meet short-term skill and labour needs when Canadians and permanent residents are not available. Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC)/Service Canada and Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) work together to ensure that the employment of foreign workers responds to regional, occupational and sectoral skills and labour demands, while still protecting employment opportunities for Canadians and permanent residents. More Information

Mining Immigration Reference Guide (MIRG)

MiHR has completed research on the workforce barriers and opportunities facing three specific labour supply groups - Indigenous people, immigrants to Canada and women. This research gathered a range of perspectives and experiences and the findings tell a compelling story More Information

National Occupation Classification (NOC)

The NOC provides a standardized language for describing the work performed by Canadians in the labour market. It is used for many applications including defining and collecting statistics, managing information databases, analyzing labour market trends and extracting practical career planning information. More Information

Thompson Rivers University – Career Education Department

There are more than 1,000 International students from over 65 countries attending Thompson Rivers University who are ready to enter the Canadian work force. Employers can hire students with a Canadian education from TRU, who offer a diverse perspective. More Information

Thompson Rivers University – Translation Services

Venture Kamloops and our referred clients have had success with the following agencies which will provide translation services for business purposes.

Planning a Move to Canada

If you are in the process of planning your move to Kamloops, below are a number of link that can help you make your transition as smooth as possible.

The Welcome to Canada Guide can help you plan your move. The federal government guide includes advice on such things as preparing to enter the Canadian work force, choosing a place to live and learning about life in Canada.

Kamloops Immigrant Services is a not-for-profit organization which provides assistance to immigrants, first generation Canadians, visible minorities as well as community agencies, organizations and businesses in Kamloops.

WelcomeBC.ca has helped more than half a million clients to access comprehensive information on immigration, labour market and settlement services providing client-centred information on how to immigrate, settle and find employment in B.C.

Thompson Nicola Regional District is a directory that connects all of the Thompson Nicola Regions into one central location to provide specific information on the programs and services for immigrants, employers and service providers.

Physician Programs

If you are a physician looking to move to Canada, our region has a number of programs available. If you are planning a visit to Kamloops, our Red Carpet Physician Program has packages of information, gift certificates and coupons to help you experience the many attractions and activities that make Kamloops a wonderful choice for working and living.

For more information visit our Incentive Programs page:

Incentive Programs