Job Training Programs

Grants, loans and other programs to help businesses improve the quality of its workers go a long way in a business’s overall success and opportunity for sustained growth. The Venture Kamloops team works with various levels of governments, which offer opportunities to fund employee skill development.

Federal Programs for Canadian Workers

There are a number of programs available to British Columbia employers to assist them in meeting their labour needs.

  • Service Canada – Human Resource Management for Employees: This website has been developed for employers who want to learn more about training options for their employees. Training can differ depending on the training requirements, the work environment and the preference of the employer and employee. These range from Employee Orientation, Apprenticeship, Health & Safety, and Mentoring & Coaching. More information
  • Apprenticeships: Apprenticeship is an agreement between a person (an apprentice) who wants to learn a skill and an employer who needs a skilled worker — “earning while learning.” Apprenticeship is a proven industry-based learning system that combines on-the-job experience with technical training to produce a certified journeyperson. Upon completion of the specified training period, apprentices receive a Certificate of Qualification. On average, 85% of the apprentice’s two to five years of training is spent in the workplace; the rest is spent at a training institution. More information
  • Workplace Skills Program: the Department of Human Resources and Skills Development Canada has an array of workplace skills programs ranging from Student and Aboriginal programs to Temporary Workers and Apprenticeship programs. More information
  • Career Focus: funded by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, Work Experience Agreements under Career Focus provide financial assistance to eligible private sector employers that hire eligible post-secondary graduates into new position within their company, up to $16,000 in assistance. More information
  • The B.C. Employer Training Grant: The B.C. Employer Training Grant is a cost-sharing grant program that provides employers throughout B.C. with skills training funding for their workforces, including prospective new hires. The grant funding helps employers respond to their changing labour needs and helps develop a skilled workforce with the right mix of skills. In turn, this helps British Columbians access the skills training needed to succeed in today’s labour market, while increasing job security and supporting career advancement. Employers can apply as often as they need and receive 80% of the cost of training up to $10,000 per employee, with a maximum annual amount per employer of $300,000. More information

British Columbia Programs for Canadian Workers

  • The Mineral Exploration and Mining Technology program: This program focuses on geology, mining methods, exploration technology, surveying, and computer applications for mining operations and mineral explorations. Students learn hands-on science and engineering skills, and complete an industry-standard report during the second year of the full-time program. If you are interested in a varied work environment, in the office, lab or field, and like solving scientific problems, this program will appeal to you. Take the Mineral Exploration and Mining Technology program, the only program of its kind in Western Canada. More information